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Specialised :

  • + Interior Design
  • + Furniture Products
  • + Flooring, Tiles and Wall Tiles
  • + Plaster Ceiling & Partition
  • + Iron Grills
  • + Construction & Painting Work
  • + Renovation Free Evaluation
  • + Roofing and Cornice

    We provide range of stylish title-effect and industrial metal decking which provides designers and owners with a variety of carefully designed profiles to trule satisfy both form and function.









    We provide sanitary wares that are widely used in commercial projects such as Airport, Train Stations, Shopping complexes and government buildings.










    Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel is the Polyester-Coated Al-Plastic and Fluocarbon Resin Coated Al-Plastic panel based on the polyethylene material.

    It`s smooth and wearable easy to clean and large in size. It also flexible for processing, brilliant in tone, high in noise insulation and good in plasticity.

    It`s widely applied to interior wall and ceilling decoration in shopping place large advertising board and signboard. It`s the ideal decorative material for a public place.



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Company Profile


The Company commenced operation as sole-proprietor in year 2003 as a sub-contractor. Besides this, the Company had also undertaken job such as supplying and installing fixtures and other furnishings. Later, when the business expanded, the Company moved into becoming main-contractor and had to-date successfully completed many projects including prestigious buildings in vairous parts of the country.


In year 2008, the Company, due to her active involvement in interior design and renovation, started to manufacture all types of home furniture, with a style and pricing specifically designed for our customers. We have a wide variety of high quality furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining room, as well as the occasional furniture. Our product range include dining tables & chairs, buffets and hutches, wardrobe, bedroom sets, coffee tables, sofa sets, futon sofa-bed, and nesting tables.



The Company from the experiences in work has now become specialised in :-

Interior Design, Furniture Products, Flooring, Tiles & Wall Tiles, Plaster Ceiling & Partition, Iron Grills, Contruction & Painting Work, Renovation Evaluation, Roofing and Cornice provider.


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