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    We provide range of stylish title-effect and industrial metal decking which provides designers and owners with a variety of carefully designed profiles to trule satisfy both form and function.









    We provide sanitary wares that are widely used in commercial projects such as Airport, Train Stations, Shopping complexes and government buildings.










    Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel is the Polyester-Coated Al-Plastic and Fluocarbon Resin Coated Al-Plastic panel based on the polyethylene material.

    It`s smooth and wearable easy to clean and large in size. It also flexible for processing, brilliant in tone, high in noise insulation and good in plasticity.

    It`s widely applied to interior wall and ceilling decoration in shopping place large advertising board and signboard. It`s the ideal decorative material for a public place.



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Renovation Service


Old properties may need some repairs or maintenance for a fresh facelift. Renovation works are sometimes a necessity to improve the living conditions of a home or work environment of an office. A little touch up on parts that have gone through wear and tear will do wonders to your property.

A little facelift will increase the market value of your property. From basic touch ups to complete make-over, the renovations done will affect the value of your property differently. Renovated "old" properties will make it easier to sell as it has been restored to a "fresh" look.

Finishing can be as simple installation of new carpets to extensive whole house rewiring, piping and room extensions. The whole point of renovating your place is to have a more comfortable living/working experience. If you are planning to sell or rent, following trends is one way, another is matching your target buyer’s requirements. If you are selling or renting to an expatriate, wood floorings are something you should look at. Expatriates favor having wood floorings as it reminds them of their home countries feel.



Interior Design


Given the hectic pace of today's lifestyle, the need to relax in a comfortable environment has become top priority. It is our homes that we return to at the end of the day.


We believe that we can provide helpful ideas for making your home more comfortable and welcoming. After all, home is more than just a place to sleep for the night.


We believe with our specialities and wide range of products, we can deliver a cosy home for you. Come home to a whole new house! Just bring your house layout plan, our experts will help you put your ideas or dreams to reality.




Building Contruction


"Build my own home? Build my own house? You must be dreaming!"


Well, you can build your own house! With Liga Construction Enterprise, many people have saved enourh moeny building, renovating or adding on to their own home to make their dream come true.


By building your own house, you will have the most influence in the design and construction of the house. This means, you can build to your tastes and specifications - ideally creating your Dream Home.


The big attraction in building your own home is the cost. It is a common misconception that building your own home will cost much more that buying an already-built house, but this is far from the truth. At the very worse, you’ll pay a bit more, but then again, you’ve invested in the house of your dreams. Normally, the cost of building is usually around the same as the cost of a house of similar specifications.


For many intelligent people, who may have some construction know-how or have been diligent enough to hunt for bargain land and ask for Liga Construction Enterprise to build their house with low charges, building your own home can be a significantly cheaper option. Generally, self-building should save you 25- to 40-percent off the cost of a similar ready-built home.

So, what are you waiting for?


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