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Specialised :

  • + Interior Design
  • + Furniture Products
  • + Flooring, Tiles and Wall Tiles
  • + Plaster Ceiling & Partition
  • + Iron Grills
  • + Construction & Painting Work
  • + Renovation Free Evaluation
  • + Roofing and Cornice

    We provide range of stylish title-effect and industrial metal decking which provides designers and owners with a variety of carefully designed profiles to trule satisfy both form and function.









    We provide sanitary wares that are widely used in commercial projects such as Airport, Train Stations, Shopping complexes and government buildings.










    Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel is the Polyester-Coated Al-Plastic and Fluocarbon Resin Coated Al-Plastic panel based on the polyethylene material.

    It`s smooth and wearable easy to clean and large in size. It also flexible for processing, brilliant in tone, high in noise insulation and good in plasticity.

    It`s widely applied to interior wall and ceilling decoration in shopping place large advertising board and signboard. It`s the ideal decorative material for a public place.



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Paint_brushAt Liga Construction Enterprise we do not compromise quality and safety for "low costs". We ensure our products and services are delivered "Cheaper" by reducing wastages, deliver on time, and getting things right the first time. These steps help us to deliver quality finishing.

Our renovators are very skilled and professional in their work. Liga Construction Enterprise only hires the best and honest renovators. We are very serious in hiring the right people to handle your project. We make no compromises on quality and safety. All projects are delivered on time and renovated with high quality.





012Renovations cost money. Money for materials, man power, machines and tools. Sometimes transportation and handling costs of materials, local municipal permits and other miscellaneous fees can push the costs up.

Our staff will detail out a proper plan, to manage costings and create a buffer for extra costs. We will ensure projects are delivered on time – thus reducing extra costs. Our basic materials are purchased in bulks for cost savings, and we work close in hand with our supplies and manufacturers.







service7_larYou can be sure Liga Construction Enterprise provides After Sales Services for all our projects. Many renovators/contractors are a "one-man-show".

As such providing quality after sales services are never high on their priorities. At Liga Construction Enterprise, customer service is very important to us.

You can call our showroom at +607 662 4552 from 9am – 5pm. Our staff will be ready to assist you on any matters. Or better still you can email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




icon_warrantyLiga Construction Enterprise always ensures all our projects are properly managed and delivered. Our staff will examine all materials and work done to ensure the highest quality and finishing.

Before officially handing back the premises to our customers, our staff will conduct a quality check on the entire project site. Any defects will be corrected at no cost to the customer. We will ensure everything is in order before we declare the project completed.

However if there are any defects after completion, your renovations will be covered- subject to warranty period. For more information on the warranty types, please contact our staff in our showroom.




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